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    Opening of new Clubhouse

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Extremely wet, ALL MAIN GREENS IN PLAY. Winter rules in play, Rocket launchers/Mats, No ride on buggies (checked daily), CARRY IF ABLE.

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  • The Hale Golf Club takes its dress code seriously so please observe it carefully. 

    Dress Code on the Golf Course

    a) Gentlemen
    Jeans and collarless or sleeveless shirts (including T-shirts) are not allowed. Shorts are acceptable provided they are tailored and worn with long socks (of any colour) or white short socks (but not anklets).

    b) Ladies
    Jeans and sun-tops (with or without shoulder straps) are not allowed. Shorts are acceptable provided they are tailored.

    Dress Code in the Clubhouse and on the Terrace

    a) Jeans and training shoes for ladies and gentlemen are not permitted at any time except for young children.  Collarless or sleeveless shirts (including T-shirts) for gentlemen are not permitted.b) Gentlemen must wear jackets and ties in the main dining room after 7pm and at formal events before 7pm.  At Sunday lunches, jackets and ties are preferred but not essential.  At other times, smart casual dress is acceptable.