The club website and the Club V1 Members Hub and HowDidiDo (HDID) applications will help you get the most out of your Hale Golf Club membership. Information on club members and social events as well as tools to book tee-times for casual play, enter competitions and record results are all available to you once you have completed the registration process. Just follow the step-by-step process outlined below to get started.

If you need more detailed guidance please refer to the document linked at the end of this page.

Step 1 - Applying for a HowDidiDo Passport id

You will need a current HDID Passport id to access the members-only content on the club website and to use the Club V1 Members Hub and HowDidiDo applications. The id must match the primary email address held for you in our club systems.  Please click here to apply ==> HowDidiDo Passport ID Registration

Note: if you subsequently need to change the email address used for your passport id please notify the club so that your club records can be updated and then click here ==> to update your passport id itself

Step 2: Club V1 Members Hub access

The Club V1 Members Hub application is available on the web (see the link under the Members menu on the club website) or as an app you can install on your smartphone and/or tablet. When linked to your membership at Hale Golf Club you will be able to:

  • View the latest course status and club news
  • Enter competitions
  • Record knockout competition results
  • Make a tee-time booking for casual play
  • Track your HGC Clubcard Transactions
Before using the app you must sign in using your HDID Passport ID and link the app to your Hale Golf Club membership.

Optionally you may also:

Step 3: Registering with the Club Website

Before being able to access any members-only content on the Hale Golf Club website, you must complete the registration process using your HowDidiDo Passport id. 

Please click here ==> to login to the HGC website using your HDID Passport id

Step 4: HowDidiDo application

The HowDidiDo application shows a complete record of your qualifying rounds as well as tools to enter competitions at Hale and elsewhere. The application is available on the web using this link on the club website under the Members menu and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets.  Just login using your HowDidiDo Passport id.

Note: you MUST have a handicap before being able to register to use HowDidiDo.

Detailed instructions

Registering for a HowDidiDo Passport Account and associated applications

Please click on this text for detailed instructions, including illustrations, on how to complete the above steps

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