Non-Playing Membership

The Non-Playing Membership category is is restricted to those members who have been full playing members for a minimum of two years or to the partners of existing full playing members.

Please note that:

* Non playing members MAY NOT enter club competitions
* Non-Playing members may play a maximum of 6 times per year on payment of a visitor's green fee.

Existing Members - Transfer to Non-Playing

When Members pay their annual subscriptions, it is assumed that they will remain Full Playing Members for 12 months. There is no automatic right to transfer to Non-Playing membership or to transfer back to Full Playing. However, there may be occasions due to injury, illness, ill-health or recovery from a medical procedure when a member is unable to play.

This form is designed to cater for two different situations:
1. Temporary transfer from Full Playing membership to Non-Playing Membership due to illness, ill health or recovery from a medical procedure.
2. Transfer from Full Playing Membership to Non-Playing Membership on a permanent basis to take effect from January 1st next year.

Please click here ==> to complete your non-playing membership request

Request for Member's Spouse/Partner to join as Non-Playing Member

Applications for the spouse or partner of an existing Full Playing Member to join as a Non-Playing Member will be considered on an individual basis.

To make such an application please click here ==> to complete your Spouse/Partner Non-Playing Membership Request