Safety on the Course

Procedure for Golfers Playing in Inclement Weather

The safety of our members, member’s guests and visitors is our prime consideration. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions and to heed any warning signs.

1. Players should take the utmost care on the course to ensure their own safety.
* Be appropriately dressed for the conditions
* Heed all warning signs.
* Use paths where available and any steps that are provided at the side of greens.
* Do not attempt to retrieve lost balls, where dangerous conditions exist (e.g. on steep banks, adjacent to the river, in ditches or culverts).

2. When the course is suffering from snow, ice, frost or rain, please ensure that your footwear offers the correct degree of safety - it is recommended that you clean your spikes regularly during your round

3. No play is to take place in the event that the ‘Course is Closed’.

Electric Storms

Weather conditions will be monitored by the Club Professional and the Head Greenkeeper during their normal working hours. In the event that the Club becomes aware of an approaching electric storm the club’s Siren will be sounded for a period of approximately six seconds. When the siren sounds all players must cease play immediately and leave the course or take appropriate shelter as soon as possible.

This applies to people on the course, on the practice ground, in the practice nets or on the putting green.

Should it not be possible to give sufficient warning to clear the course prior to an electric storm striking then please note the following:

* DO NOT shelter under trees or on any high ground.
* DO NOT exit the course by walking under trees.
* Switch off and DO NOT use a mobile telephone.
* If caught in the storm, KEEP LOW and if necessary crouch down in the nearest bunker or lowest point of the golf course.
* Spread out from the other people in your group.

DO NOT put up your umbrella under any circumstances.

Suspension of Play

In the event that the siren is sounded during competitions or team matches, all players must cease playing immediately and, where possible, mark the position of their ball (see Rule 5.7b).

Note: In the absence of the Club Professional and Head Greenkeeper, the Club House Manager will monitor the weather conditions and will sound the siren to trigger the suspension of play. During evening matches, the team captain will monitor weather conditions and be responsible for requesting that the siren to be sounded.

Resumption of Play

All competitors, whether they are on the course or in the Club House, will be informed that play is to be resumed shortly and should make their way immediately to the point on the golf course where they were at the time play was suspended. Once competitors are in position, two short blasts of the siren will be sounded. It is important that no competitor resumes play until the siren has been sounded.


Carry a Mobile Phone switched off in your golf bag. In an emergency call 0161 980 4225 and request assistance.